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Date Meet Title Grade
14 Dec (Thu) Supplementry Rescue training
16 Dec (Sat) Mnweni kloofing
11 Jan (Thu) Supplementry Rescue training
20 Jan (Sat) Cleft Peak-Rolands Cave-Camel Pass 4
2 Feb (Fri) The Rory R
9 Mar (Sat) MCSA KZN AGM
21 Mar (Thu) Giants Pass-camp-Langalibalele Pass 3-4

Meet Grades range from 1 (easy walk) to 5 (serious 'Berg pass), R indicates rock-climbing.

For example, 3R could describe a meet involving a moderate hike and rock-climbing (which may be an optional activity).

Meet Details

Supplementry Rescue training
Date 14 Dec (Thu)
Description Hillcrest Scout Hall
Leader Jon Sargood
Leader Email
Leader Cell 082 652 5202
Mnweni kloofing
Date 16 Dec (Sat)
End Date 20 Dec (Wed)
Description National kloofing meet at Mnweni
Leader Neil Margetts
Leader Email
Leader Cell 083 669 3028
Supplementry Rescue training
Date 11 Jan (Thu)
Description Hillcrest Scout Hall
Leader Gavin Raubenheimer
Leader Email
Leader Cell 082 990 5876
Cleft Peak-Rolands Cave-Camel Pass
Date 20 Jan (Sat)
End Date 21 Jan (Sun)
Description Fast and light, good fitness required, a hard 2 day hike. a head for heights essential
Grade 4
Leader Jon Newman
Leader Email
Leader Cell 0844944920
Venue Cathedral Peak Area
The Rory
Date 2 Feb (Fri)
End Date 4 Feb (Sun)
Description Rory Lowther memorial climbing event at Swinburne.
Grade R
Leader Facebook page
Leader Email
Venue Swinburne
Date 9 Mar (Sat)
Description The Annual General Meeting of the Section
Leader The Club Secretary
Leader Email
Venue Hillcrest Scout Hall
Giants Pass-camp-Langalibalele Pass
Date 21 Mar (Thu)
End Date 24 Mar (Sun)
Description moderate hike.option summits of Giants Castle, Long Wall & Mt Durnford
Grade 3-4
Leader Jon Newman
Leader Email
Leader Cell 0844944920
Venue Giant's Area

GRADES - Where a Berg or other climbing meet has been allocated a grade 1, 2 or 3 as well as the usual R, this means that non-climbers are most welcome as hikers on the meet.

IMPROMPTU MEETS - May be arranged at short notice and the details will be shared on the Ad Hoc Hike & Climb Whatsapp group.

NEW MEETS - Please advise Clem Robins of your plans for a meet which you are prepared to arrange/lead and it will be added to the Meet Sheet.

DMG - A monthly meet of trad climbers with partners pushing their grades & then slaking their thirst, but other climbers are welcome to come along to the venue for the camaraderie.

MCP CLIMBERS - Tuesday climbers group - contact Bruce Sobey (083 440 6753).

UPDATES - The latest Meet Sheet can be viewed on the club's website at

CAMBALALA HUT - Booking calendar on-line ( or Clem Robins at

GUIDE TO MEET LEADERS - Meet Leaders please note the Guide to Meet Leaders and Indemnity Form on the MCSA KZN website.

DISCLAIMER - Hiking and climbing in mountainous areas are potentially hazardous activities. Participation in MCSA meets is at your own risk. It is your own responsibility to be properly equipped with adequate food, clothing, footwear, sleeping bag, shelter and maps. The club and the meet leaders cannot be held liable for any injuries or mishaps whatsoever. An Indemnity Form is available for leaders use.